First setup APP “Registrate your Journey”

Dear reader, I suffer from Cluster headache and I make a journey to find a solution to kill this terrible pain. Like me there are a lot of people that have their own journey, finding their solution to the pain. To support this journey I made this app. It gives you the opportunity to registrate in an easy way what you do to feel better.

We started with very basic app, only the registration of items. If we get positive feedback we will start adding more options. But we hope it will help you to get a clear view on what you do and have done.

Please contact me to let me know if you are using the app and if you like it. If you have questions about this app, a suggestion, a new button or function, please send us a email at

Setup of this first App:

Register: Buttons (Fixed) to add various types of treatments, medicines, alternative treatments, therapies, some food and drink.

History: The history contains all your registrations with time and date. Some colors are added to get a better view on all seperate registrations.

Contact: Contactpage to send me questions or suggestions.

Keep in mind: This is a first setup of “registrate your Journey” Backup of your data is not yet arranged.

Download the first setup of “Registrate your Journey”
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